Seasonal menu

The food is a very important part of the experience as a guest at Utstein Kloster Hotel. Nice climate has made Rogaland one of the best food counties and we are really proud to be in the heart of these – Rennesøy and Ryfylke.

MENu 1

Flatbread with sour cream and cured mutton

Creamy lobster soup with marinated lobster tail and fennel

Cod with peas , onions and tarragon sauce

Sirloin of beef with onion , green beans , bernaise and potatoes au gratin

Chocolate cream with seasonal fruit

MENu 2

Tartar of smoked halibut , tarragon and pickled onions

Jerusalem artichoke soup, hazelnuts and chicken

Poached salmon with cucumber , chives and rye

Duck with potato puree , Brussels sprouts and spiced gravy

Creme brulee with sorbet

3 courses 545,-

4 courses595,-

5 courses 625,-

Minimum quantity of these menus are 10 people.

MENu 3

Herring with roe , egg and horseradish

Jerusalem artichoke soup, hazelnut and smoked salmon

Cod with peas , onions and tarragon sauce

Confit of rib with cabbage , baked vegetables and mustard sauce

Norwegian pancakes, with seasonal fruit and berries

3 courses 495,-

4 courses 585,-

5 courses 645,-


Marimated salmon with dill and mustard mayonnaise

Salted and dried ribs of mutton with swede purée , sausage and fat from the ribs


Roast breast of pork with Norwegian pork patties , red cabbage, sauerkraut and rib sauce

Classic Norwegian whipped cream with rice, served with almond and berry sauce

3 courses 539 , –

The menus are valid from 12th November until the New Year .

We are offering wine- and beer menus to all our menus! 

common to all menus:

Everybody have to choose the same menu.

We will of course respect diets and allergies.


The menu has to be set at least one week before arrival date.