Hiking in the neighborhood

The most popular trip is to Mastravarden. Though only 154 meters above sea level, the view is spectacular over the sea and islands.

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Trip to Fjøløy Lighthouse: The lighthouse was established in 1849, automated in 1977 and replaced by the lantern in 1983.
The lighthouse is located at the outermost tip of Fjøløy right in the ocean and can be a great experience both on stormy autumn days and warm summer evenings.

Fjøløy Fort: During World War II the Germans established several forts around the region, one of these was on Fjøløy. The area was militarily into the late 2000’s, when it was purchased by Rennesøy Municipality and Fjøløy reopened as a recreation area on 8th of May 2011.

Trip to Utstein Kloster, Norway’s only medieval monastery, located on Klosterøya, either in connection with a tour or concert at the Abbey, or just to take a look at medieval edifice outside.