The area

Utstein Kloster Hotel is a meeting and conference hotel located 20 minutes north of Stavanger. Located in a beautiful setting right by the fjord and nearby Norway’s only preserved medieval monastery, Utstein Kloster.


Utstein Kloster Hotel is located in Rennesøy municipality in Rogaland. The community offers a paradise for boaters and nature lovers. The area around the hotel is very well suited for sea kayaking, and the long coastline with islands and islets provide ideal conditions for boating and sea fishing from both shore and boat. There are marinas, swimming and recreation areas all of which are marked on the map in the brochure “Rennesøy Municipality, the green islands”. The brochure can be found in the reception. You can also experience great views and great scenery if you follow the trails on land. These are also indicated on the map.

Geographical location, climate and diversity of habitats provides great variety in wildlife and plants. Wildlife is abundant both in terms of number of animal groups and species within each group. This applies particularly to marine birds and fish.

The public right of free movement applies to uncultivated land and in the coastal zone, grazing the pastures. There are separate rules in connection with bird sanctuaries and farms. It is important to close the gates and act carefully so that no animals are disturbed. Leash for dogs is to apply throughout the year.

From Utstein Kloster Hotel you can enjoy views and scenery from the inside or you can bring nature into use right outside the hotel.